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Forum Rules

posted May 21, 2012 03:43:17 by trishmay2
1. Do not promote or link to your affiliate pages, websites, domains, blog, company, or services in any of the discussion forums unless otherwise stated. Unless the thread has been created in one of the Advertising forums (or Help Wanted), where you then may reply to a post with a self-promotion.

2. No content that is considered racist, sexist, obscene, illegal, objectionable, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated. This includes avatars. All such content will be deleted and your account may be closed without notice. This includes avatars.

3. You will not violate a persons privacy by publishing against someone's will information that is private and personal.

4. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully.

5. Create threads in the proper forum. Threads created in the wrong forum are subject to deletion.

6. Do not spam the forums. Only post one thread per topic or sale, and do not cut and paste it or change it slightly and post it.

7. You may only advertise in the designated advertising forums. You may not post the same sale or advertising thread within a seven day period.

8. Do not "bump" your threads with the word "bump" or no relevant are too many bump tactics to list, so please just don't try any of them. Trading bumps is not permitted, you bump for me, I bump for you, etc., so even if there's no harm intended, do not bump others' threads because you think it's a good deal, or the recipient will feel obligated to bump your thread, and you can see where this will lead.

10. No charity, fundraising, "woe is me” posts. You may post a well known charity, that's it. Threads designed to persuade members to provide sympathetic consideration will be deleted and bans will be issued.

11. Any abuse towards our staff and/or management will result in immediate suspension of your account.

Rules subject to change without notice.

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